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11 Reasons to choose

National Billing Institute


1. National Billing is a full service, practice management company, providing the practice with a comprehensive and cost effective solution to all of your billing needs. We take care of all your billing while you take care of your patients.

2. We have been in business for over 12 years, and our staff is comprised of expert billers and coders. We know how to get your claims and paid quickly and efficiently.

We do not outsource any work to foreign countries, nor do we allow our staff to work from home. Your data is kept secured in a Hipaa compliant office in the United States. We also ensure that all of our partners and vendors are HIPAA compliant.


4. All of our services are offered for one low rate. We do not have any hidden charges or extra fees.

5. Our services include free software that allows you to enter in the charges, schedule your patients, and send the billing information directly to us. This software eliminates errors and speeds up the time claims are processed, meaning you get your money faster with fewer denials. Call for a free online demonstration of our software.

6. Our software and computer system have the latest in medical billing software and claims are sent out virtually error free. Each claim is scrubbed for accuracy with the same edits that Medicare and the insurance companies check for and errors are detected and corrected before the claim is sent to the carrier. This scrubbing produces virtually error free claims!

Your account is assigned to a representative that specializes in your medical field. This representative will answer all your questions regarding your account and give individual attention to your account.

8 We offer a variety of reports for you to keep track of your billing, as well as many different financial reports.

9. A full review of all your outstanding accounts receivables is done every 60 days, reviewing each open claim and taking the appropriate action to get the claim paid.

10. We have excellent customer service. Your calls are always answered by an account representative, not by voice mail. You can also speak to our client service manager or either of the two owners at any time should the need arise. We understand your time is important and we work hard to try answering your questions the first time you call.

11. We do more than just submit your claims. We help you with the appropriate coding and pricing of your procedures. We review your insurance payments and procedure codes to ensure you are maximizing your reimbursement and guide you in ways to increase your reimbursement. We will identify areas in which changes can be made so you are getting the reimbursement you are entitled to receive.





Accurate code information for medical offices and billing services.


United States Department of Health & Human Services

Official central governmental hub for all HIPAA issues including rules, standards and implementation guides.


National Billing Institute


All Services included for 8%


Free web based software


No hidden fees or charges




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