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National Billing is committed to getting you your money, not charging you outrageous fees. Unlike some billing companies, we do not charge a per claim fee, nor do we "piece meal" your charges. We simply charge a small percentage of what we collect for you, if we don't collect you don't pay. We offer far more services than the vast majority of our competitors for the same or lower rate, so if you are comparing billing companies, be sure to look at what services are included and for hidden charges.

Our fees range from 6% to 8% depending on the type of practice, volume and which services you choose. We will gladly discuss our billing options tailored to meet your practice requirements. Do not be afraid to ask, we will not refuse any reasonable request and we will beat any other of our competitors rate for comparable services. Also, be aware of billing companies offering low rates as they most likely are saving costs by outsourcing your billing to foreign countries where your patients health information is not protected and you take the risk of identity theft, fraud and abuse. Be sure to ask if any of your information is being outsourced before signing up with any billing company.

Our pricing structure helps drive our associates to make sure all your claims are paid fully, quickly and error free. We do not charge for reports, nor are there other fees for miscellaneous items. Plain and simple, we want you and your practice to succeed with maximum efficiency and profitability while protecting your patients health records by operating in the United States.

We also offer introductory rates and specials, call for more information.

We offer a full billing service,

 not just claim submission.

2008 introductory rates as low as 6% and get our new EMR module for free














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